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The Myobrace® Trainer

Helping Young Smiles at Just White Dental

Did you know that most children will develop crowded teeth and improper jaw alignment? According to contemporary research, incorrect myofunctional habits are the real causes of crooked teeth. These habits include mouth breathing, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and reverse swallowing. At our West Ryde practice, we offer a solution with the Myobrace trainer.

The Myobrace trainer is used by dentists and orthodontists in more than 100 countries to address the underlying causes of crooked teeth. This preventative, pre-orthodontic treatment encourages proper jaw, palate and facial development.

Six Benefits of Myobrace Treatment

Myobrace Trainer
A Myobrace trainer accomplishes the following:

  • Fixes poor oral habits
  • Develops and straightens the jaws
  • Aligns the teeth
  • Improves facial development
  • Optimises overall health
  • Encourages healthy eating habits

How It Works

The flexible and functional three-stage appliance is designed to correct poor oral habits while treating upper and lower jaw development problems. The appliance trains the lips, tongue and cheeks to relax in the optimal position instead of pressing against the teeth and jaw abnormally. The Myobrace trainer exerts light force to help expand the upper jaw and straighten the teeth into their correct position.

The Myobrace trainer is worn one hour each day and then while sleeping for up to 24 months.


What is the ideal age for a child to start treatment?

We recommend that Myobrace therapy begins sometime between the ages of 5-9, though some 4-year-olds may benefit from it. While it is useful for some teens, the Myobrace trainer is most effective after a child’s permanent front teeth have come in and before all the permanent teeth have erupted.

What’s involved in the process?

Following a consultation, we’ll fit your child with a Myobrace trainer and assess their progress once a month. Approximately four months later, the appliance will begin to expand the jaw, allowing more room for the teeth. At different stages of treatment, we may use a “plate” or bent wire system to adjust the position of teeth.

What are some habits that Myobrace can correct?

Mouth breathing: This practice causes improper lips, tongue and muscle pressure that alters normal arch development of the teeth and jaws.

Open mouth at rest: Tongue habits or jaw development can encourage this position. Your child will need to constrict their lip muscles so that they are closed when relaxing.

Moving lips when swallowing: Unless your child is drinking or eating, there shouldn’t be any lip movement. A Myobrace trainer can correct poor swallowing patterns.

The lower lip rests on or behind the top front teeth: If the bottom lip rests behind the top front teeth, then it will be drawn into the mouth to make contact with the tongue on swallowing. The more the lower lip is sucked in behind the top anterior teeth, the more those teeth will stick out or be in front of the bottom anterior teeth.

What is the difference between braces and Myobrace therapy?

Myobrace is a preventative, holistic treatment that addresses the underlying causes of crooked teeth, often without the need for braces. Please note, however, that some children who undergo Myobrace therapy may still need braces as they get older.

How should I clean my child’s Myobrace trainer?

Clean the trainer under warm running water after your child removes it from their mouth. For a thorough, twice-weekly cleaning, we can provide you with Myoclean™ tablets.

Schedule a Consultation Today

If you have concerns about your child’s crowded or crooked teeth or mouth breathing, please contact us to request an exam. We’ll let you know if the Myobrace trainer is appropriate for your child.


Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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