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Dental Crowns at Just White Dental

Illustration of dental crownDecay and other forms of trauma to the teeth can leave you feeling like your smile is damaged. If you’d like to restore your self-confidence and love what you see when you look in the mirror, the team at Just White Dental is here to help you.

Dental crowns and dental bridges are two of the many services we offer you to improve the structure and function of your teeth.

Crowns for Strengthening

If you’d like to fill a gap or protect a weakened tooth, dental crowns may be ideal for you. A crown is also known as a cap and is custom-made for you, covering a tooth that has been compromised by damage or decay. Crowns are appropriate for many situations:

Long-Lasting Solutions

The bridges and crowns at our practice can be treated just like your normal teeth, with regular brushing, flossing and checkup and cleans at our practice. With proper oral hygiene, your restoration will last for years. Only the best materials available on the market today are used in creating your crown or bridge.

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